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State Average: A

Brown University

Rhode Island

Last Updated: September 6, 2019

72% Student Satisfaction

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Note: This school failed to respond to our vegan-food survey requests, so this assessment is based on public information records and student feedback about vegan options on campus.

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Student Reviews

  • Rebecca Lake

    When the Ratty does a vegan stir fry they put out a bowl of stir fried rice, a bowl of stir fried veggies and a bowl of tofu!!!! That is not a stir fry! They need a vegan station where they can make a stir fry and fry everything all together!

  • Julie

    Brown does not have an all vegan station. Many dining halls don’t offer a single vegan meal option. The vegan options are usually the same every day/week and are extremely oily. Lets just say that in the first month of being here I lost the freshman 15 instead of gaining it. I would strongly suggest going off meal-plan if you come here.

  • Adam

    Despite what this says, we don’t have an all-vegan station or a vegan member on anything resembling a student advisory board. Also, labeling is very poor and often inaccurate.

  • Emily

    Brown’s main dining hall features an awesome oatmeal bar complete with vegan granola, pumpkin, fruit, sunflower seeds and spices like cinnamon and nutmeg.

  • gina g.

    proud of what we offer/variety; pleased with the open communication we have with our partners, our pals, our students; delighted we now have Daiya…oh the options. amazing just how much buzz a great vegan cheese will get.