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State Average: C

Dartmouth College

New Hampshire

Last Updated: January 29, 2020

80% Student Satisfaction

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Note: This school failed to respond to our vegan-food survey requests, so this assessment is based on public information records and student feedback about vegan options on campus.

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Student Reviews

  • Beth Rosenberger

    DDS does a great job of offering a wide variety of vegan options!
    Lots of different grains and protein options on the salad bar.
    A different Vegan entrée each day for lunch and dinner
    Lots & lots of variety

  • Laura B

    Dartmouth is pretty good at labeling and providing options for vegan food! In addition, they’ve been making some major improvements! Now our main dining hall features vegan pizza everyday, as well as chocolate chip cookies! There’re vegan options at every meal, in every facility, and there’s an entirely vegetarian section in the main hall.

  • Jennifer D

    Dartmouth’s dining halls have a lot to offer for vegans. In addition to an all-veg station in our dining hall (with its own kitchen), every day there is vegan pizza, vegan cookies, and a DIY stir fry bar. Our student center offers a variety of vegan food every day, and lots of amazing homemade vegan baked goods. Our other cafe on campus recently added an expansive salad bar, vegan “meatball” subs, and vegan pasta to its everyday offerings (as well as lots of pre-made vegan foods and a burrito/sandwich bar where you customize your order). Plus, our student market sells 2 types of frozen vegan pizzas as well as soy milk. There’s lots of options everywhere on campus!