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State Average: C

Montclair State University

New Jersey

Last Updated: September 27, 2019

65% Student Satisfaction

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Student Reviews

  • Laura

    The did up their vegan options from last year. But the quality of the food is so bad you get sick from it, and their labeling of foods is bad and often wrong. Still want vegan desert.

  • Riley

    If you’re thinking of having a meal plan on campus as a vegan dont do it. The A+ review is wrong. Although the dining halls do have “vegan” options, it’s ussually just the salad bar. I end up eating pasta everytime i go. Plus, staff is not careful of contamination when they make your food. The places on campus that offer actual vegan meals are ones you have to use actual money for. I have to eat the same meals all the time. There’s no variety at all

  • Julian

    I loved the vegetarian stir fry at Sam’s Place this past Monday! They have so many more vegetarian options this semester!

  • Wayne

    They have really taken it to the next level this year. So much variety and fresh made to order food in Sam’s and Freeman for Vegans and Vegetarians. Love the meatless mondays now.

  • Lindsey

    Meatless Monday Rocks!

  • Jackie

    There’s essentially no vegan options, not to mention vegan and gluten free options. While the school boasts about catering to vegans, the only thing they have available is wilted salads, sides of rice and sad overcooked veggies that are inedible. Occasionally there is a vegan dish or two, but they are far and few between. Living on campus, I often have to attempt to cook my own meals in my dorm room because of the terrible vegan options.

  • Allie

    They MIGHT have soy milk available, which is nice, but I’m allergic. They’re prepacked PB&J happens to be vegan. Even their salads have cheese. Not enough options! I’m a commuter but I’m there all the time.