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Stanford University


Last Updated: January 28, 2020

77% Student Satisfaction

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Student Reviews

  • Student

    Dining halls have frequently mislabeled vegan and vegetarian food options or have cooked vegetarian/vegan alternatives on the same surface as those containing meat. This is really problematic and the dining halls should come up with solutions to these pretty simple and avoidable problems.

  • Stanford Student

    I don’t know whether it’s non-vegans reviewing this food, or people who don’t attend Stanford, or if Stanford dining is bribing people to write positive reviews, but as a vegan Stanford student, I can tell you that Stanford’s “A+” rating is an absolute joke. There is not a vegan entree at every meal unless you count a dinner cobbled together from various sides. The non-dairy milk is only available half of the time, and there are never any egg or mayo replacements, let alone different versions of a dish containing these ingredients. Maybe it gets a check for labeling vegan desserts because it doesn’t have to since there aren’t any, except maybe once a quarter if you’re lucky. There is not an all-vegan station in any dining hall I’ve eaten at here, and they certainly don’t promote vegan options. Most heinous of all is that there is a check mark for “labels vegan entrees”––in reality, it should have a check for “labels non-vegan entrees as vegan.” I have naively believed that the labeling at the dining halls was correct, and accidentally ingested meat because of it. No matter how many times I complain it seems that there is no sense of urgency on their part to change their very broken system. I’ve been fuming for a while seeing them boast the “A+” rating in every dining hall on campus, but when I was once again lied to by their labeling and their oversight led to the traumatic and unintentional consumption of meat on my part, I decided I’d had enough. As a current full-time student at Stanford, a four year vegetarian and a vegan for two years, I hope that my opinion has some weight and that someone at Peta will do something to amend this terribly inaccurate rating.

  • Hamsa Samaraie

    All Dining Halls offer great and wide selection of Vegan Food, all labeled and so fresh, tasty and delicious.

    • Slow Joe

      Hamsa, you were right!! great selection of vegan food and labeled so fresh and delicious, just like promised!!
      We should meet there for lunch. Hey let’s facebook connect too!

    • Joe

      Sounds great, love me some fresh, tasty vegan food. I will have to give it a try!

  • Monica

    Russo Cafe has the best Vegan Food

  • Monica

    Great Vegan Food

  • Tami

    Great dinning option and great selection 😉

  • Ani Kish

    Awesome options

  • james snyder

    The Coffee House in the Stanford Student Unidon building has the most awesome vegan salads and vegetable dishes. with lots of Kale, avocadoes, beans, nuts, etc.
    some vegan pastries and of course soy milk available for all drinks (I don’t think they have almond milk). Of course you have to buy the great food right next to a hunking piece of beef, but maybe a complete vegan line will come next.

  • Kimberly Risso

    There are a number of cafes featuring plant-based menus, seasonal vegan offerings and locally sourced ingredients.

  • Monica morris

    Tons of yummy vegan options at Stanford university Russo cafe

  • Nijo Joseph

    Awesome OPTIONS

  • Janet Richards

    Vegan food is great and delicious

  • K. Lynch

    Good home cooked meals! It’s great to be able to get a healthy hearty meal on campus. Go Stanford !!!

  • Nijo Joseph

    Vegan Options are awesome

  • Emma Fisher

    Great! I’m vegetarian (not quite hard-core awesome), and I am always satisfied with the delicious plant-based entrees and proteins available at Stanford dining halls, as well as the incredible fresh vegetable array in the salad bars!!
    An all vegan dining hall would be awesome. Hopefully we can keep moving towards that. As a side-note, while Stanford dining halls are absolutely amazing, Stanford satellite restaurants (campus-run cafes etc.) could do better to be more sustainable. For a start – serve dishes on reusable dishes!!!

  • Nijo Joseph

    i am very satisfied by the vegan options

  • Hamsa Samaraie

    Delicious, healthy, Vegan, words can not describe the yummy aroma and flavor, you got to come to Stanford to know what I am talking about. mmmmmm

  • Nabitha Rao

    World-class, really – Stanford Dining and Stanford Hospitality & Auxiliaries has fantastic vegan offerings at all meals. Big ups, cruel-free Stanford!!

  • [email protected]

    Stanford has consistently delicious vegan options, fresh falafel, vegan jambalaya and cassoulet, vegan lasagna and quinoa with beets and kale are my favorites!