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State Average: B

University of California – Irvine


Last Updated: October 1, 2019

83% Student Satisfaction

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Note: This school failed to respond to our vegan-food survey requests, so this assessment is based on public information records and student feedback about vegan options on campus.

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Student Reviews

  • Liz

    Vegan options are great on Campus. They have a vegan station with desserts and also offer the beyond burger at the grill station with vegan cheese. They also have a vegan hacks board that changes. You also are able to get Soy Milk and Almond Milk in every beverage station. They also serve a vegan option at most station at either Brandywine or the Anteatery.

  • Denisse

    There are no vegan desserts at the dining halls, and during late night the options are nonexistent. The labels at the dining halls aren’t accurate. Veg for Vegan and V for Vegetarian…? Meatless Mondays aren’t a thing. There is an all-vegan station but the options aren’t as appetizing as they could be. I would love to see things like vegan cheese, vegan yogurt, vegan pizza, vegan burgers, and vegan cookies and brownies. They do a relatively good job at promoting vegan options, and they do offer very few vegan options for lunch and dinner. I don’t know if there is a vegan members on the student advisory board, and I don’t know how they partner with students to distribute vegan food. An all-vegan dining facility would be a dream!!

  • Jia Hui

    Meatless Mondays actually aren’t applicable (anymore, I guess) and the vegan station could be better–portions are not for a full meal, it’s just smoothies on Thursday, and it’s not the freshest or healthiest. Frankly, I think UCB should get a better grade than UCI for being a vanguard for animals (and they have vegan cake)

  • Jia Hui

    There is an all vegan station now, it’s good, since Aramark provides the service at UCI.

  • gina

    Nope, not satisfied. At mesa they offer the same damn white rice and steamed veggies every freaking day and meal. Its boring, not tasteful, and unsatisfying. Hate it! Every morning its just oatmeal, oatmeal, and oatmeal. Where’s the freaking variety? And if you ask the cooks to make you something different they take at least an hour!!! Seriously I have things to do, no one has time to wait an hour for something just a little bit more elevated than white rice and steamed veggies. And pippin, well its always super packed so Ive never attempted asking for them to make me something. They do have more to offer though.

  • Trevor

    Always have vegan options at the dining commons plus the food courts. They have soy milk at the dining commons.

    I’m impressed they offer brochures at the food courts and dining commons that show you what’s vegan at all the dining locations on campus. Any incoming student who’s vegan should pick one of these up the first time you eat on campus. The menus are also online. The chefs are nice, so you can just ask them what’s vegan based on the menu if you can’t tell but the menus at the location actually say “Vegan” by the vegan dishes.

    They do events throughout the year too where the chefs explain what goes into the vegan dishes and how to properly cook different vegetables and there’s usually someone at the event handing out facts about nutrition and things like that. They’re very active with Meatless Monday events but they also do events specifically for vegan dining, not just meatless, which is nice.

    No all-vegan facility, but there’s lots of options and they do a good job making the information available.

  • Kathleen

    Their black bean sliders are delicious and i love the monthly chef demos. Plus the chefs are always super accommodating and will make custom made dishes for you. Zot n Go has a huge selection of vegan ready made meals and snacks! They have a lot of national brands on campus, which you can search for vegan options on their website and filter or use the campuses vegan/vegetarian friendly guide (found at every location) to filter your options. Or just email the staff they will always help

  • Alexis Serrato

    The campus literally has no vegan friendly options. They don’t promote vegan options, note do they offer non-dairy milk. There is only one place where you can make your meal vegan friendly but that’s it just ONE spot. I have to pack my lunch everyday, because if I didn’t I would starve.