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State Average: B

University of Florida


Last Updated: September 27, 2019

84% Student Satisfaction

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Student Reviews

  • Natalie Beatty

    Does not offer any vegan breakfast or dessert, but does well on serving lunch and dinner. Overall, the meal plan is not worth purchasing if students are vegan. It’s a better deal to make your own food at home.

  • Kelsey

    Pretty good, usually plenty of options in the dining hall, outside of there not so much.

  • Grant Simpson

    Krishna offers a vegetarian or vegan lunch every day for $3.50-5.00 (depending how many meals you buy).
    Gainesville area very vegan friendly. Notable mentions: Vegan2go, Boca Fiesta, Satchels Pizza, Reggae Shack, the Top, the Jones.

    Subway, Salad Creations, HomeZone and Panda express offer many explicitly and filling vegan meals.

  • D Lauryn

    While Gainesville is great, UF is TERRIBLE! How in earth did they make it to the finals???

  • Esther Celestin


  • Esther Celestin

    AWESOME!!! SO many options!