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University of Mary Washington


Last Updated: March 17, 2020

84% Student Satisfaction

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Student Reviews

  • Hailey Dodson

    I really like that they have incorporated more vegan options that are easy to grab. It’s also been promoted a lot more in common areas that make seeing each days vegan entree a lot easier to see and know about!

  • Bridget Benedict

    I’ve never seen so many vegan and vegetarian selections! I can even get oat or rice milk for my cereal! I’m anxious to try the “Incogmeato” vegan burger they are advertising for this fall, too!

  • Chauntel Payne

    Many different options for vegan dishes. There has been a variety of new entree items at the Vegan Grill, which is completely vegan. Vegan cookies are better than the regular cookies.

  • Rose Benedict

    Great vegan options here! Desserts, too!

  • UMW student

    its fine if you want to eat salad every day. only a few places have vegan food on campus; if youre in a hurry or if youre not at the UC at a specific time, youre kinda out of luck